Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Chennai

Alcohol in various forms is consumed by many and generally people do not understand when to call it a problem and there is harm due to generalization. Hence it is very important that people understand what alcoholism is. There are many around us who drink alcohol only during some occasions otherwise they do not even think about alcohol but there are around us who do nothing but drink alcohol and would be facing problems in various areas of life due to alcohol. Alcoholism is the most severe form of problem drinking. Alcoholism involves all the symptoms of alcohol abuse, but it also involves another element: physical dependence on alcohol. If you rely on alcohol to function or feel physically compelled to drink, you’re an alcoholic.

Alcohol Recovery Program

Our program is based on the total abstinence of medicine in centre and widely popular 12 step module and is very famous world wide in the treatment of addiction. Looking at the authentic needs of people, our program is designed with professional and intensive care and is comprehensive to address and evaluate all areas of a person life. Use the program as a tool to get where you want in life. Programs can’t change anybody, but a good program will give you all the necessary tools available in order to change your life. We have some innovative and simple process towards recovery and give customized package to recover from dependency of all mood altering substances.

Our Twelve Step Treatment

Our twelve step treatment uses proven recovery treatments that have helped many people learn to deal with their addictions and avoid Relapse which is biggest concern. In a setting of security, comfort and serenity our patients learn how to live with their addiction. Our treatment is based on:

  • Treating the person with dignity and respect.
  • Treating the whole person as well as the illness.
  • Providing care and guidance in a safe and supportive environment
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